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The Laboratory is the culmination of a family odyssey; one full of larger-than-life characters, powerful forces of nature and poetic twists of fate. Martin and Lisa Bennett arrived on New Zealand shores from their native England in February of 2003. While their journey lasted considerably less than six months and involved no leaky boats, the Bennetts nonetheless came to New Zealand with a pioneering spirit. Their ambition to reintroduce Kiwis to the age old method of brewing and serving fine English style ales came to life with their collaboration to create The Twisted Hop, which was situated for several bustling years in the heart of Poplar Lane in Christchurch. The Twisted Hop quickly became renowned for its dedication to traditional Cask Conditioned Ales that had graced pubs and taste buds for many centuries in Great Britain. 

After a few blissful years amidst the cobblestones of Poplar Lane, The Bennetts, like too many Cantabrians, found themselves in a position of starting all over again in the wake of the Christchurch earthquakes. Although their business partners successfully re-opened The Twisted Hop in Woolston during October 2012, Martin and Lisa began to feel a strong pull towards the town where they had set down their New Zealand roots a half-decade earlier. Looking back, perhaps the replica villa they built in 2005 from recycled building materials should have been a sign of things to come!

Opportunity and fate converged in June 2011 when they were approached by Selwyn District Council regarding a possible anchor position in the new plan for the Lincoln Town Centre. Fuelled by an ambition to create a craft beer drinking hole that would not only become the heart of the local community but also be worth travelling to, The Bennetts began to dream big. After four years of love’s labour, The Laboratory has emerged on the corner of Gerald St. and West Belt, as a testament to that dream. 


Galleries of the Journey

The Build

Creating the Laboratory was a four year labour of love... view the journey here.

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The Plaques

Around the building are plaques sharing stories of the salvaged materials given a new lease of life in the newest old building in Lincoln

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The Launch

The success of getting The Laboratory completed was worthy of a memorable shindig.

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